WDHS Availability

Webster’s first school built in 1835

We are available year round by email for questions, etc. at webdudhs@yahoo.com

Item donations are arranged and accepted at the Gladys E. Kelly Library on Lake Street next to the Town Hall. Please email us to make arrangements.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for research requests. There is no charge but donations are appreciated as this is our only source of funding.

There is no parking on School Street. Parking is only available on the side streets.

USPS mail is checked weekly throughout the year at: WDHS, PO Box 64, Webster, MA 01570

Membership is open to all. You do not have to reside in Webster or Dudley. Yearly dues are a donation in the amount of your choice. Meetings are held monthly at Webster (Gladys E. Kelly Library) or Dudley (Pear L. Crawford Memorial Library).